Getting Green Fingers

It is almost the time of year you should be turning your attention away from the inside of your home and looking to your garden. Having a beautiful garden for the summer months is great for relaxation and will keep you busy during the hotter days. Good gardening is all about preparation and careful planning to ensure your flowers stand the best chance of blooming to their full potential. A tidy garden is a happy garden, so don’t be afraid to really keep things trim. Make sure your grass is mowed on a frequent basis and don’t forget to dig out those weeds before they take over your flower beds.

If you are new to the world of gardening, you should start by thinking in terms of seasons. To prepare for summer, you should be pro-actively working on your garden during the spring time months. There are some great tips for spring gardening, such as digging over your beds with compost and planting any seedling perennials in time for the warmer months. If you are lucky enough to own a fruit tree this is the time of year you should be getting it ready for its busiest time of the year. Let’s say you have an apple tree somewhere in your garden, pruning the apple tree will make sure it grows properly through the summer months. This in turn will mean you get a great harvest from it.

As well as perennials, you might also have some annuals flowers in your garden. These should also be pruned in time for the summer months to aid growth. If you are unsure about pruning, ask an expert at your local garden center as every plant requires a slightly different technique to help get the most out of it. Above all make sure you take your time with working on your garden and put in as much effort as you can. You can be sure that by the middle of summer it will look stunning.