Summertime & Petrol Lawn Mowers

I am loving the summertime. What a fantastic time to be able to head home and chill out in the garden. I absolutely love it. But what about at the weekend? No matter what time of week it is, if the weather is hot, I’m likely to spend time outside. Don’t get me wrong, this could be at the pub, but I love inviting my friends over to mine and chilling out (and drinking) for as long as we like. It’s also a great place to be able to relax on my own; simply my own space.

So, what have I been doing? Well when I first moved in, I made sure I had comfy seats for outside. There were so many different ones I could have got, from chairs to sofas and even loveseats. It all felt a bit crazy looking at them online and in store, but eventually I settled for one I liked (and thought would fit) and once it made it into the garden I was delighted. Decent price and very comfy. I can’t complain. I even bought some blankets I can take outside when the sun’s going in. On top of getting the sofas I also discovered that there are heat lights you can buy to a) be able to see in the dark and b) stay warm when the sun goes in. Winner. It’s meant that even if its not feeling overly warm, I can still relax outside and make the most of the garden, and my friends are still happy to come around and do the same!

Aside from sorting out sitting on the patio, I’ve additionally driven myself to keep the garden looking good. I’m incredibly lucky to have a garden with a decent amount of space. My only downside, even though I love it, is that I have a lawn. I know this sound ironic but even though my lawn looks great, it makes me feel relaxed and increases the feeling of being outside, but I must cut it. In wintertime it’s not a problem. The weather’s not generally hot and sunny so it doesn’t grow as much, but in summertime! If I don’t mow the lawn it won’t stay looking good and it’s likely to turn into an overgrown field full of wild bugs! As I can’t access a plug socket outside, I had no idea where to start, so I called my Dad. Dads can be brilliant; well at least mine is. He told me to get a petrol lawn mower that didn’t need electricity, winner, but would be great at mowing the grass to a decent level. There seemed to be lots of options around, with varying sizes, prices and all sorts of other features (including ride on machines!) nether the less I found one that seemed ok for me and it turned out it was. A definite relief that I didn’t have to work out how to plug a wire in to power it! I also got a few garden tools like a rake and a few little trowels to keep on top of the lawn looking tidy and dig out any weeds that started growing to develop my green fingers. Finger crossed, so far everything seems to be looking good. Oh, well other than I now could do with getting a shed to keep everything inside!

Getting Green Fingers

It is almost the time of year you should be turning your attention away from the inside of your home and looking to your garden. Having a beautiful garden for the summer months is great for relaxation and will keep you busy during the hotter days. Good gardening is all about preparation and careful planning to ensure your flowers stand the best chance of blooming to their full potential. A tidy garden is a happy garden, so don’t be afraid to really keep things trim. Make sure your grass is mowed on a frequent basis and don’t forget to dig out those weeds before they take over your flower beds.

If you are new to the world of gardening, you should start by thinking in terms of seasons. To prepare for summer, you should be pro-actively working on your garden during the spring time months. There are some great tips for spring gardening, such as digging over your beds with compost and planting any seedling perennials in time for the warmer months. If you are lucky enough to own a fruit tree this is the time of year you should be getting it ready for its busiest time of the year. Let’s say you have an apple tree somewhere in your garden, pruning the apple tree will make sure it grows properly through the summer months. This in turn will mean you get a great harvest from it.

As well as perennials, you might also have some annuals flowers in your garden. These should also be pruned in time for the summer months to aid growth. If you are unsure about pruning, ask an expert at your local garden center as every plant requires a slightly different technique to help get the most out of it. Above all make sure you take your time with working on your garden and put in as much effort as you can. You can be sure that by the middle of summer it will look stunning.